Rafael Stanisław Roman
Vienna, Austria
My name is Rafael S. Roman, I’m a 20 year old photographer and bachelor-mathematics student at Universität Wien. In correlation with my sudy, lately less content is being put out on my website.

Currently I am practising photography for about 20 hours a week. This works by me spending my whole holidays with creating content. In summer 2019 I created 2 TB of Images. These need sorting and editing. This is what I am doing during the semesters.
Furthermore I do learn new techniques for editing, shooting and I am getting into fine art, also into fine art prints on an archival quality level.

There is a few things that I would pause my study for. (I can pause up to 13 years, so no worry’s)
“being a tour photographer” is on my bucket list, and I would pause anything for that.

In summer 2019 I shot my fist festival, it was the most exhausting but as well amazing experience of my life. I enjoyed every second of it and managed to shoot the main picture of the first day. Little sleep, a lot of photography, and stunning pictures of some of the biggest german (Capital Bra, Annenmaykantereit, Von Wegen Lisbeth) and international (Foals, Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls, Welshly Arms) bands.

Mindset: Do what you will be passionate and happy with, not what brings you the most income.